Hey, I'm Justin

A Full Stack Web Developer

After 7 years as a full-time web designer, I've shifted into the world of web development. I’ve been hand coding static sites since 2011. Currently finishing a full-stack apprenticeship with The Firehose Project focused on web app development with Javascript and Ruby on Rails. Available for full-time opportunities.

Recent Projects

Donald Donates

Role: Co-founder, Front End Developer

A responsive web app that lets subscribers easily donate money to progressive organizations they support every time President Trump tweets.

Newsweek, Daily Beast, Elite Daily, Switchup


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Role: Full Stack Developer

A two sided video streaming marketplace platform, featuring credit card payment capabilities, user role management, complex user interfaces and advanced database relationships. Showcases talks I've given on HTML Emails and Sass.

Ruby on Rails Javascript Stripe API jQueryUI

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Role: Full Stack Developer

A Ruby on Rails Yelp clone that integrates with the Mapbox API and includes features like user comments, star ratings, image uploading, and user authentication for reviewing breweries around Seattle.

Ruby on Rails Mapbox API Amazon S3

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To-Do App

Role: Full Stack Developer

A todo list with fluid user interface using RESTful JSON APIs to fetch data and javascript to dynamically update the page.

Ruby on Rails Javascript AJAX

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Role: Full Stack Developer

An instagram clone built using RSpec for test driven development in ruby. Includes AWS S3 image uploading and user authentication.

Ruby on Rails RSpec Amazon S3 TDD

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Muir Words

Role: Full Stack Developer

A database-powered quote generator that displays random John Muir quotes and allows user input. Built with a mobile-first design, using the Ruby on Rails framework, HTML and CSS.

Ruby on Rails HTML Sass

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Role: Co-founder, Front-End Developer

A responsive web app to build and save custom thru-hikes and loops. It also consolidates all the info you need to get to the trailhead: Weather, Directions, Photos, Reviews, Elevation, Mileage and Permit Info.

Angular HTML CSS UI Branding

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