I’m living in Lewes, DE Denver, CO Sacramento, CA Seattle, WA Reno, NV Grand Junction, CO Seattle, WA Anchorage, AK until early July. I spend as much time outside as possible hiking, camping and have a bit of a snowboarding problem. I’m currently apprenticing as a web developer building web apps using ruby and javascript with The Firehose Project, graduating June 2017.


Javascript Ruby Ruby on Rails HTML CSS Sass


Git Github Jekyll

Brief History

I was born and raised in South and North Carolina respectively. I’m originally from Darlington, grew up in Rocky Mount, went to undergrad in Wilmington,and moved to Raleigh after graduation in 2010. While living in Raleigh I became a proud husband, and uncle. In June 2014, I started working remotely full-time and following my wife’s nursing contracts around the US.